Web application portfolio migration to AWS

Case Study


The Client

Radcliffe Group equips healthcare professionals with the skills and practical insights they need to do their best for patients, by bringing the world’s cardiovascular knowledge to life.

Throughout its history, Radcliffe has transformed traditional forms of medical knowledge sharing – from journals and conferences to surgical demonstrations – by applying communication skills, creative design thinking, and the latest technology.

The Challenge

Radcliffe Group own a number of digital platforms which cover publishing and educational parts of the business. Due to their exponential business growth, the traditional infrastructure that supported the platforms had become a limiting factor.

It became obvious that further investment into the infrastructure would have to be made to achieve more agility and support business growth.

The Solution

The business decided that the situation presented a good opportunity to consider cloud migration to AWS, and they engaged with Epitechnic to help them on their cloud journey.

A re-architecture approach was chosen by Epitechnic to allow the platforms to run on vertically scalable infrastructure and utilise a multitude of cloud native AWS services.

The Result

By applying moderns DevOps approaches including infrastructure as Code, CI/CD automation and immutable infrastructure, human errors were largely removed and allowed the company to make multiple deployments every day.

That approach, together with the flexile just-in-time computing solution, allow the business to instantly and automatically scale the infrastructure up and down depending on the current demand enabling business agility and saving money.