Joplin – Well-Architected Review

Case Study



Joplin is a reputable free, open-source note-taking and to-do application renowned for its ability to handle a large number of notes organised into notebooks. It offers easily searchable notes, capable of being tagged, copied, and modified via the application or a user’s text editor.

This impressive capability, however, required an equally robust and secure cloud infrastructure. Joplin, looking to improve the security and reliability of their AWS environment, sought the assistance of Epitechnic Ltd, a certified AWS Well-Architected partner. 

Problem Statement: 

The challenge that Joplin faced was twofold. Firstly, they sought to ensure their cloud infrastructure could securely and reliably handle the data load generated by the application’s extensive features. Secondly, there was a need to monitor utilisation and control costs associated with their AWS resources. 

AWS Wwll-Architected Partner Program


Epitechnic Ltd carried out an AWS Well-Architected review for Joplin’s infrastructure. The review identified critical issues and high-risk items that needed attention, including cost control mechanisms, application scalability, network setup, regional solution setup, and security protocols.

Epitechnic worked with Joplin to implement improvements, provided cost-control education, discussed potential performance enhancements, and implemented monitoring and alerting systems. 



Post the AWS Well-Architected review, Joplin began implementing the changes, leading to a more secure and reliable infrastructure. The remediation of identified high-risk items unlocked $5,000 in AWS credits for Joplin.

The implemented improvements led to better cost-control mechanisms, a roadmap for future scalability, and a robust, more secure environment. They now have alert systems for utilisation monitoring and cost-control, as well as enhanced security through implemented security groups and encryption protocols. 

Customer feedback

Always keen to improve Joplin Cloud, we have recently reviewed its architecture in the context of the AWS Well-Architected Review. This was done in partnership with Epitechnic Ltd from London, who gave us valuable insights on how to improve the security and reliability of the Joplin Cloud infrastructure. We are very happy with this review - we have started implementing some of the changes, and will continue doing so over the coming months.


The AWS Well-Architected review was a resounding success for Joplin. The initiative not only improved the security and reliability of Joplin’s AWS environment but also provided them with financial benefits through AWS credits.  

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