Fast Thinking – Enhancing Infrastructure and Achieving Cost Savings

Case Study


Client overview:

Fast-thinking is a leader in the digital marketing sphere, renowned for crafting engaging customer journeys and delivering personalised content. They provide businesses with a deep understanding of customer interactions, setting them apart in the fast-paced digital marketing space.


With the growth of their services, Fast-thinking faced the challenge of scaling their cloud infrastructure. They needed to ensure it was secure, reliable, and cost-effective, while also managing risks and maintaining compliance.


Epitechnic used its expertise to conduct a Well-Architected Review (WAR) of Fast-thinking’s AWS setup. The review delved into key areas like cost saving, security, and performance, offering solutions to enhance the overall infrastructure.

Key Actions and Outcomes:

  • Cost optimization and AWS credits: Epitechnic’s detailed review led to significant cost savings by migrating Fast-thinking’s databases to Amazon Aurora, reducing infrastructure costs by about 30%. In addition, Epitechnic secured AWS funding for Fast-thinking, making the entire project cost-neutral.
  • Scalability and performance: The switch to Amazon Aurora equipped Fast-thinking with the ability to scale efficiently, crucial for their expanding data and user base.
  • Security enhancements: Epitechnic developed a security strategy in line with AWS’s recommended best practices, which included updates to identity management and data encryption, thereby enhancing Fast-thinking’s security measures.
  • Disaster recovery strategy: A custom disaster recovery plan was established, ensuring continuous business operations with strategies like cross-account backups and AWS Lambda function replication, targeting a one-day recovery time objective.
  • Operational excellence: AWS Organizations was implemented to improve Fast-thinking’s operations. This allowed them to separate their live and test environments, improve deployment control, and apply consistent security policies.

Customer feedback

With help from Epitechnic we learned how to better utilise AWS services and entire process was beneficial to us as the company.


Epitechnic’s collaboration has transformed Fast-thinking’s cloud infrastructure, making it more secure, scalable, and cost-effective. This partnership has allowed them to overcome challenges and position themselves for future growth and innovation.

Recommendations for future projects:

It’s recommended for companies to regularly undertake AWS Well-Architected Reviews to identify and address inefficiencies, ensuring their cloud infrastructure remains robust and efficient. Partnering with experienced providers like Epitechnic is key to leveraging cloud technologies to their full potential.