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Continuous business advantage is not achieved by chance.

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Consistently delivering high business performance requires continues evolvement and is imperative for successful organisations.

Maintaining Equilibrium between cyber security and business agility propels business innovation is essential to continuously produce outstanding business results.

By understanding the dynamic between these elements, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner of many organisations.

Cyber Reassurance

Protecting and delivering commercial advantage

  • Innovate safely.
  • Protect your assets.
  • Maximum performance, balanced safeguards, controlled flexibility.

Business Agility

Bringing innovation to market quickly

  • Be nimble to deliver business innovation.
  • Place your creative thinking into your core operations, to maximise your competitive advantage.
  • Productive environment, to maximise the impact of your creative ideas, safely and at speed.

Business Innovation

Creative thinking, sparking close alignment to customer and market dynamics

  • Deliver high business performance.
  • Disrupt accepted thinking.
  • Be distinctive, redefine solutions, inspire and lead.

Be nimble

By empowering your teams with the autonomy to operate with greater agility you can respond rapidly to the demands of your market, and deliver

on your strategic objectives

Stay safe. Sleep well.

Do you see your organisation’s cloud suite delivering commercial advantage? Is it exposing you to security risks?

As your cloud environment has grown and become more complex, those advantages of flexible scaling, business continuity and financial prudence are often lost in a conflicted operational haze. In short, your organisation will have many security exposures, restrained in an operational straightjacket, and developed several financial overlaps.

We bring the clarity and confidence you need, commercially and operationally, to maintain excellence across your organisation.

Risks and security exposures are mitigated, ensuring peace of mind, freeing you to concentrate on your business.

What we do

Your Journey. Our Approach.


Pre-flight check

Agility in your business performance is critical

For any journey, it’s important to know where you are so you can plan the best way forward. We therefore check your current cloud infrastructure, security risks and operations.

We will provide a balanced view of how you can be nimble in your operations, whilst mitigating risks. Based on your business objectives, we help you prioritise our actionable recommendations, so you have absolute confidence in your journey.


Planning your journey

Your journey is crafted to bring out the best of your organisation.

How you balance your core objectives in security, deployment automation, resource consistency, and cost management, ensures we create a balanced cloud governance roadmap for you.

With this tailored roadmap, you can be confident in how your organisation will gain operational excellence across all key metrics.


Let's go!

You’ll want to gain the benefits of flexibility and control as soon as is possible.

Our proven implementation methodologies provide the safe migration to your new operating model. It enables true collaboration between our teams. With shared knowledge and experience we move purposely forward together, so you rapidly gain commercial advantage into your operations.

Your new strategic cloud governance plan soon becomes an integral element of driving business performance, bringing improved control and visibility to your organisation.

We are proud to be an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner.

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Vendors we work with

Our expertise extends to all significant cloud vendors. Our advice is impartial and comprehensive and ensures you gain the most from advances in cloud computing.


Coming from a technology consulting background and spending years in cloud and DevOps lead roles, Marcin has developed a deep understanding of how technical advances and smart methodologies can create business advantage. He combines his technical expertise and commercial awareness to bridge the gap between business and technology and help teams achieve more sooner, safer and happier.

Marcin Pajdzik

Having worked in technology roles within investment banking, market data, and big-four consultancies on large-scale business change and infrastructure projects, Paul has obtained a wide range of skills that enables him to communicate complex ideas to both business and technical team at all organisational levels to ensure buy-in and achieve business success.

Paul Walker

Joseph is a senior cloud technology and DevOps expert with over 20 years’ experience developing software using a variety of programming languages and platforms. Entrepreneurial, deep and varied technical knowledge with solid project management experience. Identify, recommend, develop, implement support cost-effective scalable cloud solutions.

Joseph Caxton-Idowu

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