AWS Well-Architected review of multiple platforms

Case Study


The Client

Radcliffe Group equips healthcare professionals with the skills and practical insights they need to do their best for patients, by bringing the world’s cardiovascular knowledge to life.

Throughout its history, Radcliffe has transformed traditional forms of medical knowledge sharing – from journals and conferences to surgical demonstrations – by applying communication skills, creative design thinking, and the latest technology.

The Challenge

Radcliffe Group own a number of digital platforms which cover publishing and educational parts of the business. These platforms had grown organically on AWS and business were keen for Epitechnic, as an authorised AWS Well-Archtected Partner. to perform AWS Well-Architected reviews on them. They wanted to ensure that the environements were able to operate securely and efficiency in line with AWS best practise.

The Solution

The AWS Well-Architected Review is  built around six pillars – operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, cost optimisation, and sustainability. As an approved AWS Well-Architected Partner, Epitechnic completed a review of four of Radcliffe Groups workloads and presented them with a report that detailed a number of high-risk items that the review had identiried, and explained what changes could be made to their environemnt, and what additional AWS services could be deployed, to mitigate these issues and ensure that the platforms are secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient.

The Result

Epitechnic performed an AWS Well-Architected Review on all four of Radcliffe Groups platforms and recommended a number of configuration changes and new AWS services that should be considered to enhance the environments. Working with their technical teams, we made the agreed changes and deployed a number of new services to the environments.

Due to the number of high-risk items that Epitechnic identified and resolved during this review, Radcliffe Group recieved $20,000 worth of AWS credits. Not only did this fund the cost of the new AWS services, it also covered Epitechnic’s fees which made the review cost-neutral to Radcliffe Group.