Radcliffe – AWS Well-Architected Review

Case Study



Radcliffe Group is a leading knowledge network company that produces high-quality content across various workloads including their publishing and education platforms. Epitechnic identified four AWS workloads that handle a significant amount of data and require reliable, scalable and secure infrastructure.

Problem Statement: 

The challenge faced by Radcliffe Group was to ensure the reliability and scalability of their business critical infrastructure, particularly as their number of visitors increased. This was important in order to maintain the quality of their services and meet the demands of their customers. The company was also concerned with the increasing cost of their infrastructure.

AWS Wwll-Architected Partner Program


Epitechnic performed an AWS Well-Architected review for Radcliffe Group’s four workloads. The review identified a number of issues that needed to be addressed, and the team at Epitechnic proposed solutions to resolve these issues, provided estimates, agreed on priorities and resolution timescales.


The AWS Well-Architected review led to several benefits for Radcliffe Group. Firstly, the identified issues were resolved, which significantly improved the security and reliability of the company’s infrastructure. This helped ensure that the company was able to deliver high-quality content to its customers without any interruptions.

Moreover, Epitechnic was able to secure AWS funcing form Radcliffe Group. This not only offset the cost of the review and implementation, but the company also received additional funding to support the growth of their infrastructure.

The AWS Well-Architected Engagement Programme has provided our business with an opportunity to review our cloud infrastructure and its best practices with a well designed and clear action plan. A project of such scale is usually resource and budget heavy; thus, it can often be de-prioritised in favour of other IT improvements. However, the AWS Well-Architected programme being budget neutral meant that we could continue delivering on other business objectives whilst at the same time addressing important infrastructure considerations. Furthermore, many of the suggested improvements were in line with our long-term goal of acquiring the UK Cyber Essentials qualification.


The AWS Well-Architected review and implementation project was a success for Radcliffe Group. The review helped identify and resolve high-risk items, improving the security and reliability of the company’s infrastructure. Furthermore, the project was not only budget neutral, but the company was left with additional funds, which provided additional funding to support the growth of their infrastructure.


Based on the success of the AWS Well-Architected review and implementation project for Radcliffe Group, we recommend that other companies consider this approach to improve the security, reliability, and scalability of their infrastructure.

This case study highlights the benefits of the AWS Well-Architected framework and the value that it can bring to organisations. The project was completed within 4 weeks and resulted in significant improvements, as well as funding from AWS, making it a cost-effective solution for companies looking to enhance their infrastructure.

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